Sunday, July 25, 2010

Street Fighter X Tekken is official folks!

So yes ladies and gentlemen it's true Street Fighter X Tekken is coming out in 2012!! Hold on to your hats, so your mind doesn't get blown! The official "announcement" happened over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) during the producer of Super Street Fighter 4, Yoshinori Ono's panel discussion where he was asking about additional things fans would love to see in downloadable content (DLC) that will enhance your Super Street Fighter 4 experience. As he started make his opening remarks concerning the add-ons, a voice was heard in the distance....
It was Katsuhiro Harada, the producer of Tekken 6!! To add insult to injury, not only did he interrupt Ono's panel, he began giving out copies of Tekken 6 to all the fans that came to hear Ono speak. Harada made sure that when walked up on stage that he talked as much trash as he could. Ono responded with a hearty laugh and then it happened...

Watch this video to see what I'm talking about.

For those who want to see the trailer in a even better quality you can watch this.

Then to top it all off they gave everyone GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE!!

Now after screaming like a sissy, I studied the footage to see what they will be offering to make Street Fighter X Tekken have that "pop". Oh don't think that Namco won't be doing their version which will most likely be titled Tekken X Street Fighter. So what was I saying? Oh yeah, my thoughts of what to expect from SxT:

1. Ryu will play a little more like his Street Fighter III 3rd strike version.
2. Tag Team Ultras/Supers similar to Rival Schools. Maybe they will have a tag system like Tekken Tag as well.
3. To make the Tekken players feel more at home they will be adding a juggle system.
4. Target combos will be the way you can blend the Tekken style with Street Fight style.
5. Wall bouncing, so you can truly punish a player once you get them up against the wall.
6. You will be able to roll forward which can allow you do dodge projectiles.
7. Critical hits can cause the victim to spin around, but it keeps them on their feet so that you can continue a combo.
8. When you get knocked down you can roll in any direction you want as an escape. Which means if you don't get up you can keep getting hit.
9. Obviously it will be based off of the Super Street Fighter 4 core engine.
10. It will be available for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Now for what I would call my wish list.

1. Story for the tournament.
M. Bison desires more fighters for his [army of assassins/replacement body/fight ability siphon] project, and goes to Heihachi who is in need of even more money to start the Iron Fist Tournament again. M. Bison provides the money and power, while Heihachi provides new challengers. Kazuya finds out about this hidden ancient power and realizes that if he could get a hold of this "Satsui-no-hado", and merge it with his own Devil powers he would become a god!

2. Proper rivalries/roster.
Ryu & Kazuya (read #1)
M. Bison & Heihachi (read #1 again)
Chun Li & Nina - Interpol agent hunting down an assassin
Guile & Brian Fury - Investigating terrorist activity
Zangief & King - Wrestling to see who's #1
Ken & Paul - Settling a bet
Fei Long & Forest Law - Forest wants to take over Fei's role in film
Gen & Lei Wulong - Hired killer sent to take out the super cop
E. Honda & Ganryu - Wanting to see who's #1 in sumo
Blanka & Panda - They fight over a ball (haha)
Dee Jay & Eddy Gordo - DJ wants 2 perform at E's club but the only way 2 do it is be the bestat everything
Juri & Julia Chang - Was hired to take Julia out before she uncovers the truth behind the tourney
Vega & Yoshimitsu - Vega finds him to be hideous thing on the planet and wants him dead
Jinpachi & Seth - Seth wants his powers to add to his own
Sakura & Ling Xiaoyu - Ling thinks Ryu is cute & it made Sakura not like her
Dan & Mokujin - Was told he couldnt even beat a dummy
Abel & Marduk - were rivals in the MMA circuit
Balrog & Jack - Heihachi hired Balrog to be his bodyguard
Dudley & Steve Fox - Dudley told that the champ (Fox) can beat him
Rose & Zafina - Rose senses an unusual force that leads to Zafina
Cammy & Dragunov - MI6 sent her to investigate him
Sagat & Bruce Irvin - Bruce is looking to dethrone the "Emperor"
Adon & Hwoarang - they both see each other as an obstacle before they kill their masters
Akuma & Jin - Akuma can sense that Jin's devil is the strongest and he wants to face it in battle

3. Character specific endings
You know what I mean. No shortcuts Capcom.
So what do you think, cool right? Any extra news will be update over at our forum.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Street Fighter VS Tekken???

What is this image and what does it mean? Well from information gathered that Yoshinori Ono, producer of Super Street Fighter said that he's working on a new fighting game (obviously for the PS3 and Xbox360 if the picture above is a hint) that will be released in about a year. Ono then added that he won't reveal what the game is until about a week from now.

The added twist to the whole mystery is that Tekken 6 producer Katsuhiro Harada has been on stage with Ono for the first announcement of this game at EVO2010.

What does this mean? Well rumor has it that it will be two games. Capcom Vs. Namco and Namco Vs. Capcom.

Yeah you read it right, but remember for now it's still a rumor. So just how SNK and Capcom created the two separate fighting games Namco will have that arrangement with Capcom. First Capcom will put out Capcom Vs. Namco and it look and play very similar to Super Street Fighter 4, then Namco will unleash Namco Vs. Capcom which will look and play like Tekken 6.

Now I don't know about you but I'm a little on the skeptical side only because the way these games play are so completely different that I think both sides might suffer in the hands of their opposing producers. If this is true what do you think?

Let's talk about it on the forum.... :)