Thursday, November 5, 2009

PMS Clan Interview Plus GameX Footage

Well, we are back once again with another interview on The Reset Button. LeVonn78 sits down with Amber Dalton aka Athena Twin of the PMS Clan which means Pandora's Mighty Soldiers. PMS Clan members compete in various co-ed competitions and online ladder tournaments. PMS has become a well-known group in a male dominated gaming industry, and is committed to continue gaining ground for women in the industry which we all think that is pretty cool in our book. Any girl that can kick some serious tail in a game has my vote anyday but anyway, Click on the Video below and also check out the additional floor video of events that was going on at GameX.

For more information about the PMS Clan you can check them out at plus you can add them on myspace at

Also. you can share your Comments about GameX or Either the Videos at the J1 Forum.

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