Monday, March 15, 2010

Heavy Rain Review

Heavy Rain is a PS3 exclusive game released on February 23rd. It was developed by Quantic Dream, the French developers behind the game Indigo Prophecy. Basically, the story is about trying to stop a serial killer who kidnaps 10 year old boys and drowns them in rain water - sounds like my ex. The game is a lot like an interactive movie, where the player can make decisions that can change the plot of the story and alter the ending. The player controls one of four characters at any given time: a journalist, a father, a private detective, and an FBI agent.

One interesting thing is that if the player dies as any of these characters, there is no continues or "game over". The game will continue with that character dead. A lot of the gameplay is Quick Time Events, similar to games like Shenmue and Indigo Prophecy. The actions attached to each button are context-sensitive depending on the situation the character is in. The controls may be used to push a merry-go-round, burp a baby, give CPR, throw a boomerang, or even give a strip tease - all depending on the situation. The graphics are amazing and the voice acting is superb. The game even contains a "Behind The Scenes", where I was surprised to learn that all the main characters actually look exactly like the real life actors who played them.

My favorite character is Norman Jayden, who clearly ripped off Minority Report with his ARI (Added Reality Interface) headset and glove. While playing, I tried my best to make him look like the worst FBI agent in history, even going as far as to falsely accuse a police lieutenant of being the Origami Killer based on a bunch of nonsense evidence and crackpot theories. I was intentionally trying to ruin his career and get him reprimanded by his superiors - and it worked. This game is so great, it made me want to go back and play Indigo Prophecy again, which I immediately regretted because Indigo Prophecy is a bunch of ass compared to Heavy Rain. Despite Indigo Prophecy's similarities in gameplay, the dated graphics actually felt painful to look at after playing Heavy Rain.

Heavy Rain is in my top four favorite PS3 games of all time, along side MGS4, SF4, and RE5. I would recommend this game to anyone, even people who don't normally play games, since the game feels more like a really great movie anyway.
I give it 5 out of 5, it is a perfect game that is fun and entertaining the whole way through!

- by Steve

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