Monday, June 7, 2010

MEGA MAN- The fan film!!

Yeah you read it right. Yes it's real, and you know what it's not half bad. Matter of fact it's entertaining. It was done by filmmaker Eddie Lebron. It's a fan film, so he's just showing his love for the Mega Man franchise.
For those who don't know Mega Man's story:
Based off of the popular Video Game, Megaman. In the year 20XX, Robot scientists Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily were completing their special project. Helper robots, which will help humans with everyday work. However, Dr. Wily had secretly reprogrammed the helper robots into fighting machines.
Wily intends to use these robots to take over the world. After Dr. Light learned of this, he had decided to reprogram one of his other helper robots. He has chosen Rock (his male helper robot). Dr. Light gave Rock state of the art combat technology, with the ability to copy another robot's weapon, thus Dr. light created Megaman. Now, Megaman has to stop Dr. Wily and his band of robots from taking over the world.
There is a sudden wave of indie filmmakers making video game movies that blow away anything that the "big boys" do. I say KEEP IT COMING GUYS!!!
The only difference from most fan films based on games is that this one is actually 90 minutes!! It's a full on movie!
For your viewing pleasure I bring you... Mega Man the fan film!!

I wish the big money went to guys like Eddie Lebron instead of the jokers that are in Hollywood now.

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